Consumer Goods & Retail


6-16 Corporate Strategy Manager / 経営戦略マネージャー


7-9 million


1. Responsible for designing management structure, governance model, decision-making, annual meeting schedule.
2. Review Head Quarter (HQ) configuration.
3. Formulate RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) rule for HQ top management & HQ Regional HQ(RHQ and other function companies).
4. Design governance for HQ-RHQ, RHQ-Affiliates and function subsidiary.
5. Approval process design for execution system.
6. Work for global corporate meeting committee.
7. Create the minutes in English/Japanese and dispatch information.
8. Contact domestic and outside stakeholders.
9. You will be given specific assignment to you depending on your experience, skill and career visions in the future.


1. 3+ years experience in working on corporate planning/strategy and/or President offices in global company HQ or Japanese holdings company.
2. Working experience in corporate meeting, board meeting of global company HQ and/or Japanese holdings HQ.
3. Strong consultation experience in project for organizational restructuring.
4. Wide range of knowledge and business experience of corporate governance.
5. Strong curiosity and in-depth understanding skill for global management and organization operation, ability to extract and formulate challenge.
6. Excellent Japanese and English communication skill between HQ board member and RHQ top management.
7. Writing skill in English to generate the minutes.
8. Mindset aiming to deliver top quality in global company always not compromising but pursing what it should be.
9. Perseverant and flexible to respond suitably in urgent request and repeated changes.
10. Ability to build up a good relationship with other people to communicate closely with them and establish strong collaborative organization.