Professional Services / Consulting


6-09 Senior Sales Manager / シニアセールスマネージャー


8-10 million


1. Become a representative of the company as manager of the sales team, establish and maintain a strong relationship with the customer base, and become prospective business partner by proposal sales that captured the needs of customers.
2. In the sales department, manage and instruct sales force of about several people, and command and operate a team that can provide solutions to customers.
3. Contribute to building medium- to long-term and short-term sales strategies, strongly promote it and achieve budget.


1. BA / BS Required
2. Experience managing 5 or more staff
3. Experience in solution sales for 10 years or more, with high sales record
4. Experience in charge of a major company with more than 1,000 employees for over 5 years
5. Have a background in the Internet advertising industry or online media industry (plus other television related business experience plus, Adtech industry experience plus)
6. Those who are strongly interested in the possibilities of the Internet and online media, changes in technology and services (Other advertisement effect measurement, or survey work experience plus)
7. Good communication skills
8. Challenging spirit that can cope with difficulties and aggressive people
9. Business English ability (TOEIC 750 points or more is a standard)