Professional Services / Consulting


6-09 Digital Solution Manager / デジタル ソリューションマネージャー


7-9 million


 1. Business promotion of the company’s digital solution including Japanese business in the Japanese market
2. Client management through collaboration with sales staff
3. Customer Relationship Management Business to promote the utilization of the company’s digital solution
• Interface utilization support work
• Analysis support work on acquired data
• Campaign optimization support work based on analysis result
4. Sales / Account Strategy Management
• Expand customer base in the company’s digital solutions
• Promote the use of the company’s digital solutions by promoting relationships with existing customers
• Cooperate with the sales team to promote and drive sales targets and marketing strategies in the company’s digital solutions
5. Project management
• In cooperation with Digital Operation Manager (technical personnel), advertising campaign measurement support work in the company’s digital solution, tag implementation support work


1. 3 years experience in digital advertising or digital marketing industry or experience in research or data analysis work
2. Communication skills in verbal and written communication in Japanese and English
3. General knowledge and understanding of media measurement, analysis and planning in advertising and marketing fields
4. General knowledge and understanding of research work
5. Word, Excel, PowerPoint skills (intermediate)

Open and Flexible Requirements:
1. Experience in digital advertising campaigns and media planning
2. Experience in research and data analysis work
3. Customer management experience in a media company, advertising company, or marketing company
4. Project management experience
5. Experience in data analysis in ad- tech companies such as online media, ad · network, DSP
6. Usage and operation experience of ad / server technology
7. Strong skill on quantitative analysis (Quantitative Analysis)
8. Strong network in marketing industry and digital advertising industry