Professional Services / Consulting


6-08 Research Analyst / リサーチアナリスト


5-6 million


1. Analyst (researcher) role
2. You will offer a series of work from designing custom research ordered by customers to field control, report preparation, presentation to client, and research method and effect measurement indicator tailored to customer's business problem in cooperation with sales team
3. We are responsible for designing, investigating and reporting on our own research utilizing our own data assets, writing press releases on PR activities using the results, presenting at press interviews, conferences etc.


1. Over 3 years experience
2. Division involved in digital marketing, or related work experience in a company
3. Business communication skills in verbal and sentences in Japanese and English (level at which conference can be held)
4. High communication skills (those who are interested and interested in communication with clients and partner companies, presentations in front of large numbers of people, dissemination of knowledge both inside and outside the company)
5. Those in the world who are strongly interested in trends, possibilities of the Internet and online media, changes in technology and services

Other flexible conditions (experience/ skill):
1. Work experience of marketing research (a series of practical experience from research design to field control, report preparation, presentation to client) or experience in digital marketing and consulting field
2. General knowledge and understanding of media measurement, analysis and planning in advertising and marketing fields
3. Basic knowledge on statistics
4. Theoretical thinking ability to analyze based on acquired data, derive findings, and present solutions
5. Expert knowledge on statistics is a plus
6. Practical experience with access analysis and database marketing/ CRM is acceptable
7. Positive business professions (corporate sales) in the past more than 1 year