Professional Services / Consulting


6-08 Sales Account Executive / 営業 アカウントエグゼクティブ


6-8 million


1. Become a representative of the company as an account manager (sales representative) of the sales team, establish and maintain a strong relationship with the customers, and become prospective business partners by proposal sales that captured the needs of customers.
2. You will expand business with existing customers or acquire new customers through aggressive sales activities.


1. A sales experience of 5 years or more, those with a high track record.
2. Experience in charge of a major company with more than 1,000 employees for over 5 years.
3. Strong in numbers, those who stick to the results.
4. Good communication skills.
5. Self starter - those who can think and act by oneself.
6. Challenging spirit that is confronting difficulties and active people - those who can aim for the best.
7. Those who are strongly interested in the possibilities of Internet and digital media, changes in technology and services.
8. Those who are strongly interested in marketing and advertising.
9. Business English ability (those who can do business with e-mail)

Preferred Requirements:
1. Industry, work experience and knowledge such as digital media, ad tech, advertisement, digital marketing, market research, etc. are favored.
2. Advertisement handling experience in the advertising industry or the media industry (both experienced Internet related work and other TV related work experience plus) is favorable if it has experience.
3. Knowledge of marketing activities or advertisement effect analysis or consulting experience is a plus.