Consumer Goods & Retail


6-07 Business Analyst / ビジネスアナリスト


8-10 million


1. Analyzing customer contacts including phone calls, emails and chats.
2. Analyzing operation performance including activities of Customer Service Associates (contact center operators)
3. Analyzing financial data for baseline analysis, opportunity analysis and Cost & Benefit Analysis
4. Analyzing business processes through process mapping, quantification and visualization.
5. Implementing process management mechanism to monitor operations, detect anomaly and identify problems.
6. Completing root cause analysis through holistic analysis on customers, performance, financials and processes.
7. Designing solutions based on root cause analysis.
8. Performing Cost & Benefit Analysis to develop business cases for designed solutions.
9. Supporting project managers to implement solutions.
10. Evaluating and testing new capabilities in analytics being developed at the global level including text mining, speech analytics and artificial intelligence.


1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in an analytical area such as Mathematics, Data Science, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, Engineering or similar.
2. Minimum 3 years of professional experience in business analysis, statistical analysis, market analysis, process analysis and/or data mining.
3. Analytical skills demonstrated in business situations to complete root cause analysis and to develop business cases.
4. Strong knowledge/skills with SQL and Data Warehouse solutions.
5. Advanced proficiency in Excel and Access skills.
6. Experience using statistical software such as SAS, R, Minitab and JMP.
7. Business level verbal and written communication skills in English and Japanese.
8. Interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with all levels of the organization.
9. Experience with deep learning or other machine learning technologies.
10. Experience with big data management and tools.
11. Experience with unstructured data analysis such as text mining and speech analytics.
12. Experience with process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean and TQM.
13. Working experience in a Customer Service organization.