Consumer Goods & Retail


6-02 Integration Manager (Solution Architect), Pay solution service /ソリューションアーキテクト決済IDサービス


9-12 million


1. Actively manage a portfolio of key partners that need to be integrated onto the Payments platform.
2. Analyze the partner’s business requirements and work with their technical staff to define requirements, design appropriate integration solutions, test data integrity and verify business processes.
3. Review and enforce integration quality, work with partners to create test cases to validate integration quality, and ensure integrations are smooth and do not cause negative customer impact.
4. Work with partners to set and meet milestones and deliverable to deliver high-quality integration projects every time.
5. Troubleshoot Payments related integration issues, when sellers face technical issues.


1. Working experience to operate eCommerce business or support eCommerce merchant as a solution provider.
2. Advanced proficiency in at least one of the following programming languages is required: PHP, Java, C#/VB.NET
3. Clear understanding of eCommerce business and operation
4. Attention to detail and high capability to work on different projects in parallel.
5. Experience and knowledge on quality management and improvement of the website.
6. Native level of Japanese and business level of English.