Electrical & Electronic Hardware


5-26 Creative Lead / クリエイティブリード


7.5-10 million


1. Manage and deploy on-brand communication for all our communication materials, with focus on Advertising and Digital communication.
2. Overall responsible for the quality and consistency of how the our brand shows up in:
-Advertising (ATL&BTL)
-Digital Work (Website, landing pages, emailers)
-Campaigns (Local original creations and global adaptations)
3. Work directly with colleagues and all external vendors in creating marketing campaigns to build brand and deliver tangible.
-Optimizing project briefs to become effective creative briefs
-Drive and inspire agencies to create innovative work, on time, on brand and on budget.
-Manages relationship and project with agencies and marketing team
-Keep strict control on communication work
-Train and develop and inspire internal staff on being a brand-led employee
4. Manage and drive advertising, digital, social and design agencies and contractors to create innovative, steer and recommended work that meet business needs.
5. Ensure customers have the same consistent experience locally and globally.


1. University or equivalent degree
2. Minimum 5 years of agency experience either in Creative art or Copy (writing) background.
3. Good English Skills
4. Intercultural business experience
5. Experienced in conceptualization of advertising and digital content.
6. Comfortable and effective in critiquing and optimizing briefs and creative work.
7. Fluent in media buy knowledge, and the entire content creation process from briefs to production to delivery of materials-digital, print, OOH, Social.
8. Deep knowledge of local market.