Consumer Goods & Retail


5-31 Corporate Strategy Manager /コーポレイトストラテジーマネージャー


8-10 million


1. Develop mid- to long-term Group Vision.
2. Develop Group business portfolio.
3. Design the global business planning process.
4. Develop brand portfolio strategy.
5. Provide brand consulting for strategic brands.
6. Develop cross-border marketing strategy for Chinese consumers and key actions.
7. Support EC/digital marketing strategy development.
8. Develop operating guidelines for the global matrix organization.
9. Corporate Strategy Department supports Group CEO in matters of Group-wide reform and corporate strategy implementation. The Associate Manager is responsible for leading a wide range of global/HQ projects from design to delivery in a time-sensitive environment. He/she is strongly change-oriented and highly professional, able to deliver results at high speed without compromising the quality.


1. We are looking for an individual with a high level of project management skills required to lead Group-wide cross-functional projects, as well as communication skills and personality enabling him/her to influence corporate executives, including external partners.
2. Highly professional and experienced in the areas of responsibility listed above; highly motivated and enthusiastic to contribute to the future creation of company group.
3. Minimum 5 years of working experience as Brand Manager / Senior Manager or higher at a foreign consumer goods manufacturer, ideally in brand marketing with a cosmetics manufacturer.
4. Experience in markets other than Japan (Americas, Europe) is an advantage.
5. Working experience with a brand holder (at global or in a regional role) is an advantage.
6. Experience developing a brand portfolio / category portfolio at a global or regional level, or overall strategy and planning for a single brand and accountability for its implementation (including responsibility for the brand’s operating profit) is an advantage.
7. Consumer goods brand marketing related experience (reorganization of brand business, brand portfolio, M&A, etc., ideally with luxury and/or beauty brands) at a strategic consulting company or brand agency; experience in mid-term/yearly corporate strategy development, leading projects in the area of structural reform is an advantage.
8. Business level proficiency in English and/or Chinese.
9. Entrepreneurial experience at management level.
10. Experience in project management with a cross-functional team or in leading a team of three or more subordinates/members.
11. Experience in working within a multi-national team.
12. Experience of living or working overseas.
13. Management experience with a matrix organization.