Information & Technology


4-27 Direct Territory Sales Account Manager for MM (Mid Market) / ダイレクトテリトリーセール スアカウントマネージャー (ミッドマーケット)


10-11 million


1. As a territory owner assigned to each district, plan sales plan, propose to new customers, upsell and cross-sell existing customers.
2. Business leaders are mainly business leaders such as executives and officers, and can conduct sales activities with strong consulting factors.
3. In collaboration with the marketing department, inside sales department, channel sales department, partner, in relation to the territory in charge, develop new customers and promote deepening of existing customers.
4. In addition to solving customers' problems, we propose the way customers want to realize and what they should be like as Trusted Advisor.
5. Since we provide services to customers rather than products, we do not spend labor on shipping and delivering products, so we can concentrate on proposals for customer's success.
6. Most of the proposals that can be placed in this department become CEO classes, and you can acquire suggested skills that directly lead to management.
7. Because it becomes a proposal to the settlement, the span from negotiation occurrence to the contract is short, and you can have a lot of closing experience as sales.
8. As a future career path, it is possible to step up to General Business (500 ~ 3,999 employees).


1. Corporate sales in the IT industry for 5 years or more
2. Those who have sales experience with probability finding, practicing and practicing project finding means, priority ordering, sales process to achieve the goal
3. Person who has sales experience with individual target amount
4. Person who has new development experience
5. Must have self-growth motivation, flexibility to enjoy change
6. Person who has strong customer obsession and driven to achieve targets
7. Does not stick to conventional way