Information & Technology


10-31 Senior Auditor / シニア オーディター


9-11 million


1. Meeting a business partner for coffee to learn more about what they do and why
2. Figuring out a way to give an engaging presentation about Risk Management to a large group of people
3. Documenting your audit work and submitting it to a manager in London for review
4. Helping the IA Japan Senior Manager decide if there are any functions within the Japan office that we should audit
5. Having a discussion with an Audit Director to talk about your career goals at the company
6. Seeing a key business process be improved because of your work in that area
7. Participating in a Sales happy hour to network and build relationships - party hard, but not too hard, my friend.


1. 5+ years in operational audit
2. Knowledge of U.S. SOX
3. An advanced degree is desirable
4. CFE, CIA, CPA or other relevant audit certification(s)
5. Six Sigma or other process improvement experience