Consumer Goods & Retail


4-14 Senior Training Specialist / シニアトレーニングスペシャリスト


11-14 million


1. Deliver in-person and virtual training sessions to sales teams.
2. Become a subject matter expert on the company’s products.
3. Create and refine training content and presentations based on audience needs.
4. Expand training programs and content delivered in the U.S. to the region, including localization of materials and delivery.
5. Manage logistics for training delivered, including scheduling conference rooms, meeting requests, and ordering catering.
6. Master training software and learning systems to deliver training and report on training effectiveness, iterating on content and delivery as needed.
7. Understand and act on local training and development needs.


1. BA or BS degree.
2. 5+ years professional work experience.
3. Strong presentation and facilitation skills.
4. Ability to create, modify, and translate training content.
5. Diligent attention to detail and high quality bar.
6. Ability to work cross-functionally across teams.
7. Ability to work independently and prioritize with little direction.
8. Must be fluent in Japanese and English.