Information & Technology


3-31 HR Labor Law Manager / HR労務マネージャー


7-15 million


1. Labor (joining a company, leaving a company, absentee, leave, mental health, temporary transfer to group company related issue and labor management).
2. Staff assignment (transfer, organization change, transfer self-assessment, public offering etc).
3. Organize scheme of various labor issues for the business expansion.
4. Enlighten field management, create and control cooperation system, review and implement staff training.
5. Handle request on HR from board members.
6. Plan and operate various HR system (evaluation, compensation, welfare etc), formulate labor regulation, labor-management agreement etc.
7. Payroll, social insurance, attendance management, HR information etc.


1. 3+ years HR experience (HR for division, labor, seminar, overseas HR business, planning system, etc).
2. Logical thinking skill and ability to see essence of things.
3. Person who is not critic but is able to accomplish the business with a strong responsibility.
4. Do the business quickly.
5. Strong sense of advancement and eager to invest in yourself.
6. Willingness to solve the problem communicating closely with relevant people.