Information & Technology


3-27 Information Security Specialist / インフォメーション セキュリティー スペシャリスト


6-15 million


1. We are seeking a professional Information Security specialist with a strong problem-solving skill and challenging spirit to drive business as a core member and future-head of information security business in the aspect of technology and operation.


1. Strong experience in handling P-Mark, ISO27001 authentication.
2. Experience in acting as a member of company’s information security committee etc.
3. CSIRT experience in handling incident against cyber attack
4. Person who passed the test of information security specialist.
5. Strong IT technology skill and knowledge and experience in working on more than two business operations.
6. Logical thinking skill and ability to see essence of things.
7. Person who is not critic but is able to accomplish the business with a strong responsibility.
8. Do the business quickly.
9. Strong sense of advancement and eager to invest in yourself.
10. Willingness to solve the problem communicating closely with relevant people.