Information & Technology


3-22 Analytics Consultant / 分析コンサルタント


6-11 million


In order to maximize profit through the utilization of corporate data assets, we will be involved in a wide range of consulting services from strategy planning to execution support.

Service menu:
1. Customer Analytics
2. Operations / Supply Chain Analytics
3. Finance Analytics
4. Human Capital Analytics
5. Risk Analytics

Support Contents:
1. Big data utilization strategy planning
2. Data Insight derivation, Data analysis infrastructure construction - Introduction of analytics solution
3. Improvement of analytics system

Data Analytics:
1. Attractiveness to work in Analytics: · With upstream projects and IT system projects, we can utilize our strengths to deal with diverse projects and expand our experience and knowledge .
2. Because of the start-up phase of new business, you can experience a wide range of business such as business strategy formulation, sales activities, delivery activities regardless of position.
3. By attending analytics training shared on the company’s global network, you can hone your skills.
4. You can experience global delivery by utilizing state-of-the-art tools, methodology, analyst resources possessed by the company’s global network.
5. Ratio of employees who have mid-career recruitment is relatively high, realizing a flexible and flat organization management. Work Location (External)


 Mandatory (person who applies to either of the following)
1. Person who has experience with the service menu. 
2. Technical / practical experience · knowledge on data mining and statistical science Other people. 

We welcome
1. Consulting Those who were engaged in similar services in the farm
2. Business · Analytics · Software · Vendor who was involved in developing and analyzing tools · People who were involved in analytics work in the analytics department of the business company. 
3. Advertising agencies in digital marketing Those who were engaged in the field · those who have business English proficiency. 

It is an environment in which you can be particularly active in the following people:
1. A person who can communicate well and can catch a conversation with customers and team members. 
2. Those who can seriously deeply think things and can strive to understand customer's problems correctly based on fact
3. people who have persistence that can tackle responsibly with output. 
4. full of challenging spirit and a wide range of business areas And 5. Instead of waiting for instructions · Hypothesis from data analysis, can do spontaneous until the next analytical policy review and analysis work. 
6. Do not be inclined to data and happen in the background of data and are better able to understand the business structure does not stick to the "there should" think of - their own, those who Otoshikomeru to realistic measures that stood in the client eyes through communication.