Consumer Goods & Retails


3-15 Workflow Analyst / ワークフロー アナリスト


4-7.5 million


1. Support the delivery of service levels, and productivity targets for the site and marketplaces he/she is supporting.
2. Responsible for the assignment of tasks to the operations by optimizing the usage of workforce.
3. Manage the development of global standards (Average Handle time, NPT, Shrinkage, Attrition) for the planning ensuring that all changes successfully inter-operate with existing operational processes.
4. Work with operational and support teams to effectively plan short term non-productive time.
5. Work closely with data associates and team leads to pro-actively identify issues and take appropriate actions to minimize impact.
6. Assist the development of Workforce Management & Scheduling system by partnering with in-house technology teams.
7. Running “what-if” scenarios for associate staffing and make proper use of statistical tools.
8. Manage and drive change through effective use of clearly defined delivery plan, ensuring stakeholders receive regular updates.
9. Lead and participate in global projects and initiatives. He/She will own providing optimal solutions for upcoming initiatives.
10. Proactively identify service improvement opportunities and ensure continuous improvement within Capacity Planning across strategic and tactical forecasting, advisor scheduling, metric reporting and real-time delivery.


1. Bachelor’s degree.
2. 3+ years of Call Centre or similar experience related to a solid understanding of production environment metrics (such as Forecasting, AHT, Shrinkage, and FTE’s).
3. MS Excel and/or MS Access skills required.
4. Fluent in English and Japanese.