Consumer Goods & Retail


4-13 Facility Manger, Staff /ファシリティマネージャー・スタッフ


6-7.5 million


1. Strategy on offices both in Japan and outside Japan, research, selection of building, negotiation on contract, entire project management and support.
2. Office entrance administration / operation work, mail center operation work, fire and disaster prevention related work, facilities / facility maintenance related management work.
3. Facility management and operation work (furniture, seating, layout management, construction arrangement etc).
4. General affairs support service at branch offices and group companies.
5. Related to stock / commercial registration, representative seal / contract document management, management and operation of general affairs related regulations.
6. Planning and operation support for each welfare facilities / service
7. Planning and implementation of corporate events, employee communication promotion measures.
8. Important meeting management operations such as general shareholders meeting, board of directors, morning meetings.


1. Flexibility and spirit of challenge under variable environment.
2. High motivation to complete business setting your own tasks against business problem and communicating appropriately with relevant person to solve it.