Banking & Financial Service


2-22 Datacenter Infra Engineer / データセンター インフラ エンジニア


6 - 8 milion


1. Server operation/maintenance.
2. Network management.
3. Troubleshooting.
4. Facilities management.
5. Audit material preparation.
6. Life cycle management.
7. Asset management including license and relevant contract control.
8. Create regular report and make a presentation.
9. Plan, design and implement small business.
10. Participate in big scale infra innovative project.
11. Manage account and access right.
12. Participate in project for business continuity as IT.


1. BA or equivalent knowledge and experience in information technology.
2. 3+ years experience in operating Windows, Linux or Unix server in big scale environment.
3. Basic knowledge and operation experience of Microsoft AD/DC.
4. Basic knowledge of network.
5. Basic understanding and operation experience of virtualization environment.
6. Troubleshooting experience.
7. Equivalent knowledge to ITIL Foundation.
8. Understand cost construction and improve the operation in infra environment.
9. Self-starter, proactive.
10. Progress management and close communication with relevant people.