Information & Technology


4-12 Data Science Manager /データサイエンス マネージャー


9-11 million


1. Manage and guide our team of Data Engineers and Scientist.
2. Think through hard problems, and work with a team to make them reality and provide very tangible benefits to the corporation.
3. Ensure alignment and prioritization with business objectives and initiatives
4. Collaborate and socialize key initiatives with product and program managers and other internal stakeholders
5. Evaluate potential opportunities via customer segmentation, behavior and product analytics
6. Develop and validate evaluation metrics and models to analyze business performance and areas of opportunity
7. Rapidly develop proof-of-concept prototypes to prove out hypotheses
8. Encourage development and sharing of internal best practices and foster cross-departmental collaboration
9. Ability to work independently, prioritize projects and meet client deadlines.
10. Take ownership of the deliverables and technical document writings..


 1. Proven success with generating product strategies using Data Analysis (Big Data, Machine Learning, etc)
2. General up-to-date knowledge of analytical methods, approaches and recent trends in technologies & machine learning
3. Engineering / Science / Finance background or 5+ years working experience in those fields
4. Ability to interpret results using a variety of techniques, ranging from simple data aggregation via statistical analysis to complex data mining independently.
5. Apache Spark / SQL / R or other technologies used in data analysis
6. Willing to learn new technologies