Consumer Goods & Retail


2-22 EC Website Manager / EC ウェブサイトマネージャー


6 - 8.5 milion


1. Devise EC strategy for brand and account based on current challenging issue and share it with other business divisions.
2. Design to take action of business planning and provide practical support to relevant divisions.
3. Responsible for goal achievement in EC business to increase customer’s performance through Brand’s view.
4. Work effectively and efficiently with customer EC and key account of EC platform.
5. Lead the close collaboration with outside business partners such as system company, ad agency and consulting firm etc.
6. Deploy marketing activities with the understanding of current marketing situation of digital marketing/EC updated market focusing on the latest technology and trend.
7. Liaise with NY and CoE, work on various documents preparation in English and coordinate between other relevant divisions as contact point between Digital COE.


1. General digital marketing knowledge (Media, SNS, SEO, Video, …)
2. Technology knowledge (TagManagement, JSM CMS….)
3. General EC knowledge (understanding of market situation, EC, System ….)
4. EC operation knowledge (product master design, CRM, operation typed advertisement…)
5. Abilities for extracting problems, delivering proposals, for getting things done (creating material, presentation, coordination between other divisions, schedule management etc).
6. English communication skill (email, telephone, document preparation, presentation…)
7. TOEIC 800+ or equivalent English skill.
8. 5+ years hands-on experience in EC/digital marketing company or expertise one in EC/digital marketing area.