Consumer Goods & Retail


2-20 Product Manager, Consumables / プロダクトマネージャー, 消費財


7-10 million


1. Responsible for various products and project management leading to promotion of pulling in more customers, upgrading sales, improving profit, developing operation as well as customer satisfaction measurement.
2. Understand current business and scheme in both sales/profit.
3. Extract problem issue, put priority and then build up specific action and scheme.
4. Provide objective and realistic advice and support to each division based on the parallel relationship to develop its business expansion and efficiency.
5. Review and develop each function for the improvement of sales/profit in each division and deliver proposals on its effectiveness and proper operation method.


1. 5+ years of project management or product management experience.
2. Metrics management experience based on data collection/analysis skill.
3. People management and team building experience.
4. Ability to extract problem, formulate suitable solution and deliver proposals based on financial related index.
5. Native Japanese and business level of English communication.