Information & Technology


3-28 Technical Architect / テクニカル アーキテクト


10-12 million


1. Have professional knowledge of enterprise products and provide customers and partners with appropriate solutions that meet business needs
2. Determining project vision and direction, responsible for development project lead and evaluation of deliverables
3. Design the whole system architecture
4. Build the execution base (framework and library)
5. Develop development method (strategy)
6. Develop development guide · contract and develop development base (IDE, configuration management tool, assignment management tool, etc.)
7. Draw test strategy to ensure implementation quality, execute · lead
8. To solve technical and other problems on implementation in project
9. Mentor and nurture project team members
10. We will deeply communicate with business partners such as customers and project members to build a better relationship
11. Candidate of the TA through the middle management or higher levels of management, and across the technology side and the business side of the resources, you need to perform efficient activities.
12. Candidates guide the project to success based on the technical design of enterprise business solutions and deep knowledge of development, as well as the experience and achievements that they themselves have actually done on front and back-end architectures it is necessary.


1. Experience in technical consultation and solution development of enterprise software solution (CRM, ERP etc)
2. Leadership to collaborate with customers and project members to make projects successful while utilizing new technologies
3. Project member mentoring and management experience
4. Knowledge of development method of waterfall / agile format
5. Business process analysis skills, architectural design experience
6. Understand the integration concepts of Web services, data modeling, and enterprise applications including enterprise integration tools (ESBs, ETL Tools) and general integration design patterns in enterprise systems (CMS, ERP, HRIS, DWH / DM etc)
7. Flexible communication skills and presentation skills
8. Proactive attitude, a strong inquiry into new technology