Professional Service & Consulting


2-23 HR Planning Staff - Senior Staff/HRプランニングスタッフ - シニアスタッフ


6 - 10 milion


1. Provide support for planning and organizing process (setting goals, seminar and evaluation with 360-degree feedback etc.) for recommending candidate.
2. Support management of annual goal setting.
3. Collect annual system revision, run conference, review and record the point discussed on the conference.
4. Support to plan and implement the method of operating system based on system revision.
5. Collect and tally evaluation related data.
6. Support for process management of calculating score of evaluation and deciding evaluation’s rank through ranking based on evaluation data.
7. Support for process management of the determined treatment based on evaluation rank and management discretion.
8. Create document for compensation decision committee.
9. Create and distribute notification of determined compensation and liaise and coordinate with C&B team.


1. 3+ years of HR experience.
2. IT skills.
3. Database knowledge and operation experience (Skill in operating Access is desirable).
4. Strong proficiency in Excel.
5. English reading/writing skills.
6. Proactive and strong challenge spirit.
7. Good communicator.
8. Good coordinator.