Consumer Goods & Retail


2-23 CRM Strategy Leader / CRM ストラテジーリーダー


5.5 - 7.5 milion


1. Project management for CRM strategy and installation.
2. Responsible for PDCA after installing CRM solution.
3. Plan and implement measure utilizing newsletter and app
notifications etc for repeater.
4. Plan and implement the improvement of CVR (conversion rate) in website; membership registration and essential action.


1. Hands-on experience (PDCA) in CRM including E-mail marketing.
2. Someone who can find something challenging things to be solved and take a suitable action to solve the problem voluntarily.
3. Excellent communication skill to build a trust relationship between business partners.
4. Excellent skills for marketing, strategy planning, execution and operation to organize marketing tasks systematically and bring solutions to a problem.
5. Project management skill.
6. Experience in installing email marketing tools, requirements definition (data set etc).
7. Experience in using marketing tools such as web analysis, recommendation tools etc.
8. TOEIC 800+ or equivalent English skill.