Professional Services & Consulting


4-19 Global Marketing Manager / グローバルマーケティングマネージャー


8-11 million


 1. Provide support to build and establish a strategic marketing and communications plan to position as a leading player and ‘part of the fabric of the industry’ in Japan. Liaise regularly with other global and local marketing teams to identify programs worthy of leverage/customization to be more applicable to our Products industries.

2. Understand and execute activities under the strategic campaign business plans, which include planning and running lead generation campaigns, keeping the Products pages on the website fresh and rich, running digital marketing tactics, managing client database, producing brochures and client credentials, working on digital marketing contents. Track and measure tangible outcomes such as high value touches, leads, sales, digital campaign conversions, and analyze channel efficiency.


1. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in marketing communications, and/or digital marketing roles.
2. Strong English language capabilities.
3. Excellent written and oral communication skills in both Japanese and English.
3. Broad overall business acumen, industry knowledge, knowledge of the company’s areas of business.