Consumer Goods & Retail


1-17 Assistant Brand Manager


6-8 million


1. Formulate and implement medium-to-long term brand marketing planning.
2. Plan product development and marketing communication strategy for goal achievement.
3. Generate distribution/channel plan.
4. Formulate advertisement for market share.
5. Brand P/L management.
6. Lead the development of profit ratio through business of premium products based on the collaboration with product development division.
7. Develop measures and policy for each account channel working with sales.
8. Research collaborating with outsource as needed and find out market insight and consumer insight.
9. Contribute to skill development and development of competencies in the entire team through your own market knowledge.


1. Experience in leading the process of product development from specifying needs, developing concept up to launching products in FMCG industry.
2. 3+ years P/L management experience of assigned brand in marketing division.
3. Marketing communication development experience in the entire IMC including ATL such as IVCM etc.
4. Flexible strategic thinking skill to understand and adapt new concept and business process for brand construction.
5. Must have an excellent project management skill and be a good team player involving other people in the business through cross-functional communication.
6. Business level of English and Japanese skill.