Banking & Financial Service


2-24 Auditing Specialist/Manager / オーディディングスペシャリス/マネジャー


6 - 10 milion


1. Individual auditing related work (preliminarily survey including interview, fieldwork including business trip, adjustment of discovered article such as defect etc, collecting record of auditing, and generating auditing report etc).
2. Collect information on auditing and comment as needed by participating in committee and irregular meeting together with other staff as observer in internal meeting.
3. Work on formulating annual auditing plan.
4. Other temporarily or regular auditing related work (eg preparing report etc).


1. Internal audit experience or must be familiar with the process of finance busienss and clerical work if you have none of audit experience.
2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills to catch up essential information from relevant division individual auditing and day-to-day audit related work.
3. Ability for logical document preparation in Japanese.
4. Likes challenges.
5. Proficient in email and MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
6. Hands-on financial experience (lease, banking, securies, insurance etc) is a plus.
7. Some English comprehension skills is a plus.