Consumer Goods & Retail


09-1 Logistics Center Manager / ロジスティックセンターマネージャー


7-10 million


1. We are seeking a professional who will be responsible for leading entire logistics for our new logistics center in Osaka which will be launching in 2020.
2. In this role, you will work on the process in design/construction (Material handling and system design), operational construction (creating To Be business requirement, establishing operational management system), launch and operational management through medium-to-long term strategic planning.


1. Basic understanding of SCM (procurement, production, logistics, sales circulation).
2. Hand-on experience and high level of knowledge of logistics management and operation.
3. General administration management and IT knowledge.
4. Project management skills.
5. Abilities for number, analysis.
6. Abilities to offer solution and conduct it based on a logical thinking.
7. 10+ years SCM related experience.
8. Logistics operation or 3PL management experience (5+ years in the center with more than 10 staff).
9. Experience in working on material handling and project management for installing system with several hundred million yen.
10. Experience in designing and constructing operation of material handling and WMS in logistic center.
11. Experience in contributing to business administration understanding PL, BS and CF etc.