Professional Services & Consulting


4-10 Front-End Engineer/Designer / フロントエンド エンジニア


5-8 million


1. Support development of discrete, module site structure and code, with a focus on code reuse.
2. Support code review efforts for project work and suggest areas to refactor or improve.
3. Build prototypes and proofs of concept that contribute to Avanade’s library of reusable features and modules.
4. Create creative technical solutions to address challenges to Avanade and our clients.
5. Drive quality of code and attention to detail within the company through informal communication, formal presentations and training sessions.
6. Partner with cross-functional technology and design teams to integrate solutions and requirements into UX strategies.
7. Communicate technical requirements, benefits or limitations in terms that non-technical staff can easily understand.
8. Contribute to business development efforts through customer relationship and request-for-proposal submission support.


 1. 1+ years relevant UI/front-end development experience.
2. Experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and/or jQuery and other web design technologies/concepts.
3. Experience with Adobe CC applications including, Photoshop and Illustrator.
4. Experience with development for mobile devices.
5. Ability to code to specifications.