Information & Technology


11-29 IT/Business Process Consultant


6-15 million


1. Lead to construct installation process of next generation company package loaded AI and give a business innovation to all of the companies around the world.
2. Deliver proposals on new business design to existing customers.
3. Analyze and design business process.
4. Definite business and system requirements leading users in implementation project.
5. Provide support for system construction in implementation project etc.


1. Experience in leading project for system installation.
2. Strong willingness to change business administration and how to work worldwide learning customer’s needs through project.
3. Business consultant experience in one of the following areas (mainly internal SE experience is acceptable).
4. SCM 3+ years system planning, proposals and installation in sales control, procurement management, stock control and construction cost.
5. Accounting: 3+ years financial accounting, credit debt, cash and asset management, system proposals and installation.
6. HR: 3+ years system planning, proposals, and installation in payroll, attendance and talent management etc.
7. Native level of Japanese language skill.