Banking & Financial Service


2-27 Strategic Planning Manager / ストラテジックプランニングマネジャー


8 - 10 milion


1. Formulate growth strategy and profit and loss planning based on fleet business plan.
2. Lead cross-functional project to actualize growth strategy.
3. Formulate plan for implementation in each measure collaborating with relevant function and other products.
4. Design communication plan and reflect it in to strategy and sales field of each measure.
5. Formulate monitoring plan for strategy effect measurement of and send feedback to relevant divisions.
6. Amend strategy and review next one sharing challenging issue with each sales division and product leaders.


1. Consultant, marketing for corporate business and/or business planning experience in trading company.
2. Logcial thinking and communication skills.
3. Financial analysis skill.
4. Ability to collect essential information collaborating with outside market and relevant divisions.
5. Experience in devising BtoB business strategy.
6. Project management experience is a plus.
7. Above intermediate level of English is a plus.