Consumer Goods & Retail


4-26 FP&A / Corporate Planning Specialist / FP&A・コーポレートプランニングスペシャリスト


5.5-8 million


1. Set up medium-to-long term plan, annual plan for whole company.
2. Formulate corporate planning for whole company and manage numbers and progress based on the planning.
3. Corporate management for business/relevant company and budge management for staff and functional organization based on the planning.
4. Report progress in corporate planning to top management in board members conference, Global Executive Committee etc.
5. Operate and revise business performance assessment system and run a half-year of performance assessment meeting.
6. Plan and lead project for structural reforms of cost and support other team.
7. Practice incubation function for new business and services through business support.
8. Contribute to the improvement of productivity for whole company through progress management in structural reorganization and operation renovation.


1. 10+ years hands-on experience in finance/corporate management or corporate, business planning division.
2. Knowledge of accounting/business management, sense of corporate management/business and corporate management skill (manage of number, extract problems etc).
3. Ability to support to solve the problem of region, business divisions and affiliate company.
4. Coordination skills to lead project and strong communication skill.
5. Knowledge of performance assessment system and organization management, planning skill for setting up system, and operation and management skills.
6. Well-balanced strategic thinking to maintain good relationship with stakeholders through distribution of corporate resources based on company-wide strategy.
7. Experience in working on critical issues in corporate management e.g. emergency response to unexpected problem and review on corporate planning due to change of corporate environment and or coordination of cross-functional problems.
8. Experience in contributing to whole company management utilizing knowledge of management accounting, and financial accounting based on a strong judgment skill.
9. Sense of balance through company-wide perspective.