Consumer Goods & Retail


2-28 Solution Architect, IoT / ソリューションアーキテクト、IoT


10 - 15 milion


1. Provide solution architect to customers who are going to constructing application and services on Platform as an expert of IoT and work on business development and sales activities as key member.
2. Definite criteria of individual and team’s goal and success in each project team.
3. Contribute to a successful and timely business with strong ownership in each project team.


1. Understand application, system and its construction and operation process for big data with Hadoop and other open source software and additionally in-depth tools and organization for the implementation as well as experience in design, constructing and operating system with them.
2. Knowledge and experience of security device authentication.
3. System development experience with sensor and actuator network is a must.
4. Knowledge and experience of server application development with Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, .NET, Node.js.
5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.