Information & Technology


2-28 Solution Architect, Strategic Enterprise / ソリューションアーキテクト、ストラテジックエンタープライズ


10 - 15 milion


1. Serve as a key member of the business development and sales team in helping to ensure agency and institution success in building and migrating applications, software and services on the platform.
2. Engage systems integrators and support their technical implementation efforts.
3. Assist solution providers and government agencies with the definition and implementation of technical and business strategies that will enable them to sell more of their offerings on the platform.
4. Capture and share best-practice knowledge amongst the worldwide solution architect community, as well as your public sector SA team.
5. Understand the market segments, customer base, and industry verticals.
6. Understand and exploit the use of salesforce.com and other internal business support systems.


1. Executive speaking and presentation skills – Formal presentations, white boarding, large and small group presentations.
2. Technical – Web services development/deployment experience, IT systems and network engineering experience, security and compliance experience, etc.
3. Operational – Website/web services as well as traditional IT networking, operations, management, and security experience.
4. Economic and business – RFP/Acquisition support; market analysis; cost benefit analysis, etc.
5. Government and education – Advisory/consulting/system integration experience with more than one of public sector market segments, which are central governments, educational institutions, research institutions, local governments and healthcare industries. Experience in large enterprises is preferable.
6. Extensive Knowledge and Experiences in Central Government Systems are required.
7. Knowledge and Experiences in Systems in Education Institute Systems or Large Enterprise Systems would be preferable.