Media & Entertainment


3-29 Game Server Engineer / ゲームサーバー エンジニア


8-9.5 million


1. Write Java code covering all aspects of game production.
2. Create tools and libraries as required and contribute to company-wide shared technology.
3. Work with Systems Operations Engineers to ensure all aspects of the game will scale.
4. Work in an Agile and dynamic environment, taking technical ownership of features and quickly identifying any technical problems with a design or improvements that could be made.
5. Be results driven and feature focused to deliver timely, high quality and above all, fun game-play code.
6. Be a positive member of our team, help to build a great culture for our Japan team, give feedback on games in development and take part in other activities in the company as needed.


1. Expert knowledge of core Java.
2. Solid understanding of algorithms, physics and mathematics.
3. Strong understanding of multi-threaded programming in Java.
4. Understanding of service-oriented architecture.
5. Experience developing low-latency, highly scalable, highly available distributed server systems in Java, preferably without a J2EE application server.
6. Strong understanding of RDBMSes and SQL, particularly MySQL.
7. Knowledge of version control and build systems such as Jenkins and Git.
8. Understanding of Unix-like systems.
9. Experience of test-driven development and continuous integration.
10. Passion for improving legacy code with careful refactoring, supported by tests.
11. Great communication and teamwork skills.
12. Business level Japanese and English language ability.