Professional Services & Consulting


3-29 Technology Consultant / テクノロジー コンサルタント


6-12 million


1.Responsible for IT strategy, IT governance/organizational reformation, cost reduction.
2. Devise strategies and plans for IT related projects or M&A.
3. Formulate and construct IT investment management framework.
4. Provide supporting services for updated IT technology and develop Digital IQ.
5. Provide services for IT infrastructure processes - e.g. move to data center (mobile, Network, Cloud - PaaS, IaaS).
6. Work on data architecture or big data analysis projects.
7. Consult on processes for SAP/ ERP systems (fr. planning to installation).
8. Consult on SFDC (Salesforce) systems (planning to installation).


【Associate/Senior Associate】
1. Hands-on working experience in consulting firm
2. Project experience as SE in Sier
3. Above Bachelors, semi-recent university graduate (3 years working experience after graduate)
4. TOEIC 800+ is a plus

【 Above Manager 】
1. Hands-on experience in consulting firm
2. Big project/global project experience
3. Ability to build up a good relationship with client/Ability to deliver proposals
4. Working experience in consulting division of System vendor

1. Experience of Global, security, BCP, Infrastructure, IDM, data management, SAP, SFDC
2. Knowledge/experience of not only technology but also finance/business

Other requirements
1. Education background: Above Bachelors degree
2. Semi-recent college/university graduate is acceptable
3. English skill is a plus

IT skill
1. Experience in working on upstream process in IT system construction is a plus

Location: Tokyo