Information & Technology  


3-29 Direct Sales Account Executive / ダイレクトセールス アカウント エグゼクティブ


7-10 million


1. New development for the company's employees 4000 people or more enterprise class, proposal-based direct sales]
2. Regardless of the industry, you can assume the sales responsible for new customers of sales territory that has been assigned.
3. Promote responsible for sales territory to, marketing, inside sales, while coordination channel sales, with partners like the new development, the deepening of existing customers.
4. Because it provides a service to the customer rather than a product, you do not have to spend the effort to shipment and delivery of products. I can focus on the business problem-solving customers.
5. VP or Senior Director will be the immediate boss. It does not have to subordinates.


1. Corporate sales of more than five years. (Required)
2. Understand the closing of negotiations, the person who can run. (Required)
3. Direct sales experience to the management layer it is there more than five years. (Required)
4. In the IT industry, manufacturing, distribution, financial, who have suggestions type of solution sales experience for the media communication industry (required)
5. Any sales experience with a personal goal amount. (Required)
6. Achieve goals to establish a sales process, those who have practiced. (Required)
7. CRM, ERP, BI, SCM, PLM, if there is knowledge of enterprise applications with a focus on BPM as a plus.
8. Self-growth motivation, some people of flexibility to enjoy the change.
9. Plus if you have the experience of planning and execution, etc. strategic customer account plans to a particular customer.
10. Those who can work in active has a strong commitment and customer first of mind to the budget.