Banking & Financial Services


2-1 Sales Rep, Vendor Finance (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka)


4-8 million


1. Lease sales for agency and store
2. Obtain business from agency/store and keep their contract.
3. Collect information and promote sales.
4. Develop agency/store.
5. Create contract agreement related document (estimate, contract agreement etc).
6. Negotiate with dealers.
7. Witness receipt and inspection
8. Negotiate with debtors.
9. Multi sell products (equipment, device, automotive release, life insurance etc).
10. Other sales activities.


1. 3-5 years sales experience in Financing industry (Banking, lease, loan etc).
2. Vendor and agency sales experience PLUS
3. Knowledge of finance, accounting, tax and lease.
4. Knowledge of insurance (damage, life).
5. Ability for proposal/negotiation and conviction with confidence, integrity and logicality.
6. Exceptional written and verbal Japanese communication.
7. Strong leadership skill involving other people in any divisions for goal achievement.
8. Ability and high motivation for business process standardization and innovation.
9. Measurement, analysis, solution proposals and its implementation after finding out problem initiatively.
10. Ability/knowledge of financial analysis.