Professional Services & Consulting


5-15 BPR Consultant / BPR コンサルタント


6-12 million


 We are seeking a professional Operations Consultant who will be responsible for providing consulting services to deliver optimum proposals as well as support for its implementation for various needs and tasks utilizing professional resources and updated knowledge. The main services are as follows:
1. Support globalization
2. SCM strategy
3. ERP installation with BOR
4. Innovation in sales/sales process
5. Innovation of customer/contact/channel


1. Experience: Global, SCM, ERP (SAP etc), purchasing innovation, cost down, sales/sales process innovation, CRM, digital marketing, work style innovation etc
2. Business level of Japanese skill
3. Above Bachelors degree
1. Experience in working on the same services above in consulting firm
2. Experience of formulating conception, functional design and project management in sales, product control, logistics and purchase area of SI and other IT industry or experience of SPA logistics module (MM/PP/APO/SD/CO)
3. Project management and/or coordination experience in global project of above mentioned area in operating company or hands-on experience in product management/process management
4. Digital marketing experience in ad agency or operating company
5. Business level of English skill
6. Experience in working on call center project
7. Experience in installing call center system
8. Experience in managing (operating) call center

1. Excellent communication skill
2. Strong spirit of challenge and strong interest in various projects in various business areas
3. Ability to understand correctly background of the challenge client faces with serious consideration